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Facilities at School:

Transport Facilities:

The Academy has arranged transport for the students through private carriers who are in touch with the administration. Students/parents are properly guided and introduced to the van drivers who take proper care at reasonable charges.


The Academy also provides the facility of bookshop which supply/supplies the course books, copies, bags and other stationery items at reasonable rates.

Standby Generators:

The School has its own facility of standby generators. Due to the frequent power failures which has become a regular phenomenon these days does not hamper the academic activities at school.

Doctor's Chamber:

The Academy has excellent first aid facilities and the doctor is available during the school hours. Physical checkup is carried out when needed and health record is also maintained.


The Academy has two separate canteens for girls and boys in which light refreshment is served the supply is monitor by the administration of the academy and the food standards is closely supervised to ensure hygienically prepared quality edibles.

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