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O' Level (Girls & Boys)

It is a fact that student wishing to go abroad to join or continue the studies, "O"Level is the best option to meet the standards there. To cater to the need of student s opting for the "O"Level mode of education Aisha Bawany Academy simultaneously introduced the O'level of education in the year 1985. With the induction of the best selected syllabus of London based colleges and Universities and selection of the most learned faculty, we have strived hard and made remarkable and sustained progress over the period. At ABA we provide the requisite exposure to student by application of modern techniques in general and English language in particular.

The O'Level starts from Class I to XI for boys and girls (in separate buildings). The curriculum is organized in the following subjects.

English, Urdu, Mathematics, Science (all disciplines), History & Geography, Islamic Studies, Computer Science, Business related subjects.

The students are encouraged to develop listening, speaking and writing skills. They are trained to be inquisitive, probing and loud in their thinking. They are taught the importance of listening attentively and sharing and valuing the view points of their peers.

The school of today is remarkable for its diversity and tolerance. Bawanians are intelligent, confident, self-motivated, eager to do well but at the same time considerate of one another and sensitive to the world around them. Our teachers are passionate scholars with ability to communicate and inspire at the highest level. Their confidence, patience and earn the respect of the student as they pass from adolescence into adulthood.

Aims & Objectives

Contribution from all members of the school will be valued and recognized.

We aim to promote challenge through setting high expectation of learning and behavior.

Creativity is a strong focus ensuring that the atmosphere in the school is a kept friendly, bright, attractive and stimulating for the student so that they find it a place of fun!

The Children will feel happy, secure under our caring attitude and their achievement will be celebrated and valued by all.

The school will grow and change to the modern techniques but we shall remain true and consistent to our vision.

We realize the importance of efficient and effective communication and enable the students to learn the skills of developing interpersonal communication with people of all walks of life.


  • Exams are held twice a year on a set pattern; Mid Year Exam in December and Final Exams in May

  • Every month at least one test of each subject is held, marks aggregated in the upcoming till Mid Year or Final exams

  • Assignments for each subject are given to the students as per requirement and the marks obtained are also included in the upcoming exams

  • The monthly test results are marked in percentage

  • There is no re-test policy for absent or failed students; both in monthly test, mid year exams and final exams

  • If a student is absent during tests or exams due to medical problem duly substantiated with the certificate of a Medical Practitioner, he shall be granted marks/percentage on previous average basis

  • Any student failing in final exams will not be promoted to the next class


Extra Curricular Activities

     Formation of Council members committee for the maintenance of discipline amongst students and build confidence in them

     Formation of Bulletin Board Committee for the enhancement of knowledge and aesthetic sense amongst students

     Formation of different Houses for the participation in various co-curricular / extra curricular competitions for inculcation of sense of sportsmanship; winning with humbleness and losing with grace

     Sports Week

     Speech/Debate Competitions on varied contemporary subjects

     Independence Day celebrations

     Eid Milan Parties

     Educational and recreational trips

     Inter-School and Intra School competitions




The O' Level Section has two separate libraries for boys and girls which are well maintained and with peaceful environment to enhance vocabulary & constructive mind.

Science Labs:

The O' Level Section has provides the facility of Chemistry, Physics and Biology labs. These labs are well equipped under the supervision of a subject teacher and lab assistant.

Computer Labs:

The Academy has five fully equipped computer labs for all sections. Latest computers are provided for the training of the students under the supervision of highly qualified staff.

Vision Room:

The school has facility of vision room for its students to develop language and listening skills. The students are also encouraged to watch education documentaries.

Phenomenal Room:

Memory techniques are taught to the students. Students are taught to study smarter. Our vision is to give students wings to fly where the sky has no limits.

Optional Room:

O' Level Section has the facility of optional room for optional subjects.


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